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We, the Podar Innovation Centre, are a team of multi-disciplinary educationists who are extremely creative, energetic and passionate about learning. With our aim to provide high quality academic and non-academic support to all our Podar Education Network Schools, we have been constantly innovating to create effective elucidations. We provide expertise to the group schools to help improve their performance through the best-in-class learning solutions and leadership programmes.

Starting from curriculum research, designing and development, the PIC team now caters to all sorts of learning solutions for the group schools. The wide range of support provided by the PIC speaks volumes of our commitment and passion towards learning and growth.

  • Structured and child centric curriculum from grade I to VIII
  • Robust academic and emotional guidance in grades IX and X
  • Sr. Secondary plus course for grades XI and XII to prepare the students for the Board exam as well as competitive exams like IIT-JEE and NEET
  • Learner Centric Lesson Plans
  • Skill Based Assessment and Evaluation
  • Remedial resources

Teacher's Manuals

User friendly Teacher’s Manual to guide teachers on how to facilitate successful lessons. The manuals advise on using stories, poems and other stimuli as set induction, on strategies that lead to fruitful thinking, on tips to having integrated and interactive lessons, on inspiring case studies.


Every textbook is supported with a workbook. Workbook questions are based on Bloom’s Taxonomy and the Multiple Intelligence. The workbook is designed such that it enhances the creativity of students and brings out the best in different types of learners.

Posters and Flash cards

Flashcards and Posters help in developing skills like memory, association, verbal, cognitive, interaction, mathematical, listening and more. Hence to make learning more effective, easy and quick we have developed posters and flashcards on most of the topics.

Brain Gym-Activity book

Busy Brains and Happy Hands Activity Book is a compilation of age appropriate puzzles and brain teasers that help build child’s mental as well as creative skills.

Ahoy! Little Writers

Ahoy! Little Writers, a series of books for grade I and II comprises of simple fun activities that engage the children in thinking creatively and in the process, build a platform for them to acquire relevant skills for creative writing pieces of their own.

Creative Strokes

Creative Strokes is a progressive series of art and craft books for grade I to VIII which are supported with a tool kit that takes children through an exciting world of colours using interesting art and craft techniques. Each book has simple activities that have been meticulously planned keeping in mind the age of the child.


Symphonics is the in-house phonics program of the Podar Innovation Centre. It is based on the international method of teaching to read, write and spell and paves way for creating read smart, spell smart, write smart and speak smart students. Good reading, writing, spelling and pronunciation skill develops strong communication at an early age thereby building a strong foundation for a higher self-esteem, enhanced self confidence and a smart personality. This is achieved very simplistically in the schools by using multi-sensory teaching aids and child friendly teaching strategies. The program which is introduced at Jr. Kg level systematically synthesizes phonics concepts in English language learning up to Grade 5.

  • Developing Content for Interactive Textbooks for Grade 3 to 8 of the ICSE and CBSE boards.
  • Training and Support for the effective use of e-books.

  • We provide high quality education, leading to high standards and the best outcomes in a safe environment for all our students.
  • The Podar Review System is implemented to find out the strengths and challenges faced.
  • We engage the schools themselves in the processes of self-evaluation and self-improvement.
  • Strengths are shared. The causes of weaknesses are analyzed. The areas requiring improvement are prioritized. The schools plan and implement solutions.

Leadership Training: WEnergise

Two days Leadership Training will be organised mainly for the Principals, Vice Principals and experienced coordinators to equip them to perform their roles in a more competitive manner.

Subject Specific Training

This year the focus will be mainly on the languages.
‘Enspire’ is the name given for the English Training and ‘Aarohan’ is the name given for the Hindi Training.

First Leap: In It to Win It

First Leap programe aims at helping the new schools to start on a right path.
The modules aim at developing both technical skills and soft skills that are required to create a good working culture.

i Lead

iLead is an Action Research Project based development program for School Principals. As a part of the project, every year one problem area is identified. Learning material and literature on the identified area are developed and shared with Principals. The project is run across all schools in phases where data is collected on the identified problem area, customized action plans and decisions are made based on the data by the Principals. These plans are then implemented, executed, monitored and thereby improvised in schools until targets are achieved.

Ed Speak

Ed Speak is a common platform created for Podar School Leaders.
Principals share their ideas in a video format that is shared on the portal.
The platform gives Principals an opportunity to share their ideas and views on changes and advancements in education, skills, student development, and best practices carried out in their school.

  • Organizing Annual Conference for all Principals of Podar Education Network. This is a great platform for sharing best practices and exchanging ideas and learning.

85, Podar Center, Chamarbaug Post Office Lane, Dr. B. Ambedkar Road, Parel (E), Mumbai - 400 012.

+91 22 - 4333 0000